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That’s Bananas!

That\'s Bananas!

4 comments to “That’s Bananas!”

  1. I am chiquita banana.Love your blog.

  2. Thanks Michael. I’d love to see some shots you took with your Yashica Mat on your blog…..

  3. when I get them scanned I will drop you a line

  4. Hey John!!!

    It’s a surprise to see another Pinoy shooting street on the web. And My God… yout family lineage is very significan anf Historical .I am humbled by your visit.Great photographs too John!!! I miss SF…I used to work there, I wish I could go back only if….Krrp on shooting and that’s EXACTLY why we shoot images….TO SHARE.

    ” The greatest Photograph in the world is worthless….IF IT IS STILL INSIDE YOUR CAMERA”

    Luis Liwanag

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