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Sunday Morning Walk

Sunday Morning Walk

I was too lazy to find a photograph today so I opened up the first folder and choose any photo to post. Actually this photo kind of explains why we love this City. Baker Beach is within walking distance of our place. I mean look at that view! It’s about a mile or two away from our apartment. Betty and I often put on our sneakers and just walk. This day we chose to walk towards the Presidio and we ended up here. Can’t ask for more really.

Olympus XA4.

6 comments to “Sunday Morning Walk”

  1. Beautiful shot John. Love the contrast of the b+w and depth.

  2. i love this.. feels like a perfect day.

  3. Gotta put this on Flickr, John.

    Christopher Layne
  4. me likeee.

  5. I can’t wait for this. I will most definitely have to visit this place when I’m down there.

    Beautiful shot.

  6. So how do I go about buying this picture?


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