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Summer in the City

Summer in the City

Summertime fog is common in San Francisco, especially in my part of town and even moreso in the outer areas like this photograph in the Sutro Baths area of the Richmond District. The Sutro Baths used to be the largest public bathhouse envisioned by then San Francisco Mayor Adolph Sutro. Enclosed with an elaborate glass roof, the Baths would have been a sight to behold. Money problems caused the baths to close and in 1966 a fire gutted the building.

This is my first post with my Hasselblad 500 C/M and I had the most difficult time scanning & processing this photograph because of my old crappy computer. I’m looking to getting a new Mac soon.

POTD: Caution by great Berkeley photographer Peter Baker. An inspiration each time I visit his photoblog, which I often do.

4 comments to “Summer in the City”

  1. Looking forward to buying a Leica. And Hasselblad.

    thank you for pictures and words. Thank you for linking my blog and saying good things abiut it. Thank you for other great links.

    i’m happy, when i think about our big world. I’m sitting in St.Petersburg, Russia in my chair. And somowhere else sombody is looking on my pictures.

    Nickita Evdokimov
  2. I really like this shot it’s like layers or has a 3D effect .

    alex agoncillo
  3. Wow. Amazing. John, that photo is just stunning.

  4. This is an amazing picture. They eerie-ness of the fog makes the entire photo mysterious. Makes one wonder where does it end, you know? If you step deep into the fog will you fall off a cliff or will it clear up like night and day? I guess you’ll never know unless you’re there. Awesome!!!

    Jean Orozco

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