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Shark Bait, Brooklyn

Shark Bait, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn seems to be the new “it” place in town. First the immigrants, then the artists and then the hipsters arrive. Inevitably corporate America notices and takes over the place and changes everything that was once beloved. Hell we see it all the time in San Francisco if you’ve lived here long enough. It’s happening now on 24th Street in the Mission. There has to be a balance right?

Leica M6 and Arista Premium.

As a side note – a few of my photographs are in the latest copy of 7×7 Magazine. Check it out when you get a chance and pick up a copy. Here’s one I took at the de Young Museum.

9 comments to “Shark Bait, Brooklyn”

  1. shark attack !!!

  2. Tena koe e hoa
    There’s something primitive that attracts people to places like this, the barren humanity decyphered in grafitti the only reminders of social consciences, personal attitudes and artistic tendencies. In a plce like this you can feel something you don’t always get to feel in the monotony of daily normality.

  3. John, it’s not just this, it’s *everything*. Everything is always angled as a way to commercialize and/or make money off of it – it has any potential in the first place. There’s so much shit these days man, I can’t even get started.

    ndiginiz, Kia ora – haere mai. Are you in NZ? Auckland? Wellington?

    Christopher Layne
  4. Congrats on the publication of your images. Well deserved.

    Tim Goodspeed
  5. Congratulations John! I will have to hunt for a copy. Please continue to keep us updated whenever you’re printed. 🙂

  6. Very nice composition!

  7. Williamsburg was “it” in the late 90s – early 2000s. Artists were there in the 80s – early 90s. I lived there 2001-2006, when it was already mad expensive and growing steadily suckier. Christopher has only recently learned of this, but look up Cobrasnake–that’s Wburg in a nutshell. Scary. I still occasionally go back though because hipsters are funny.

    Nancy Chuang
  8. Thanks everyone…

    Nancy am I that uninformed that I missed it by an entire decade :). Thanks for the clarification and yes the hipsters are funny. You should see them here in SF.

  9. You’re allowed to be uninformed! You know way more about New York than I know about SF. 🙂

    Nancy Chuang

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