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Seeing is Believing!

Seeing is Believing!

Had enough of the wharf?

It was a glorious beautiful weekend here in San Francisco and I enjoyed every minute of it. Had a chance to briefly swing by the Summer of Love concert at Golden Gate Park on Saturday. Took a few photographs and hopefully some will be good enough to post. There were a ton of characters but it was too hot and crowded for me. I have about 6+ rolls of film I need to develop but have no time and desire to do it at the moment so they will just have to wait. Betty and I also headed over to Dolores Park and the Mission just to be in a different part of town. If you don’t know SF, depending on where you are, it’s a city of micro-climates and it could be warm and sunny in one part of town and in another, foggy and downright cold. Well the Mission is mostly the warm & sunny part and as you can guess our part is the foggy and cold. We do get a few days, especially in September where the days are glorious wherever you are. I love this city.

POTD: Tourists in Venice by American photojournalist M Scott Brauer.

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