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Schwinn Lowrider Dragsters

Schwinn Lowrider Dragsters

Mission District youngsters with their custom made Schwinn “lowrider” bicycles at the staging area of the Carnaval Parade. Leica M6 with 1993 expired TMAX 400 film.

8 comments to “Schwinn Lowrider Dragsters”

  1. That’s great, John.

  2. Bonjour,
    Amazing sad expressions..great details..bravo!

  3. Was that that tmax I gave you and Alan? Or did I only give him that? Either way it looks great. It’s amazing how long it takes to really expire black and white.

    Christopher Layne
  4. Thanks all…

    Christopher..nope that’s from a 100 foot roll someone from Craigslist gave me. Funny thing is he didn’t even know how it was stored. Seems pretty good still :).

  5. That’s a pretty sweet deal. I bet if you pulled it a stop it’d also cut through any fog too. I’m gearing up to shoot some ’77 Tri-X soon. Maybe tomorrow.

    Christopher Layne
  6. Reminds me I’m running out of T-Max 400. Love that stuff. Great shot, by the way.

  7. Thanks for swinging by iheartfilm. It’s always good to see another film photoblog. I added your website to my rss feed. What’s bad is that you’re running out of TMAX…. :).

  8. Love their expressions!


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