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Well look at that bokeh…geez that’s why I love them Leica lenses.

The Anonymous group on Market Street with my Leica M6 and Arista Pro shot at 80 and developed with Diafine.

2 comments to “Scam”

  1. I drool over the quality of Leica lenses all the time. I just wish I could afford them. Just yesterday I was marveling again at the incredible Leica work of Sabastiano Salgado. Makes me want to go back to film. But it was digital that got me back into photography. The instant gratification. The ease of processing images. The lack of smell and fumbling in the dark. The cursing at my computer. The compramise in quality. What’s that? Wait. Hmmmm, now I am not so sure but I cannot afford to work both ways.

    Tim Goodspeed
  2. I hear ya Tim. Digital also got me back to photography as I stopped for a few years. I was then drawn back to film as I just liked the look more than digital. Additionally I fell in love with rangefinders as the rest is history. As far as darkroom work, I haven’t done any printing in years. I develop some on my own (bw) and get it my color developed. I scan directly from the neg. 🙂

    John Agoncillo

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