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Santa’s Got A Secret Parking Spot

Santa\'s Got A Secret Parking Spot

Funny thing is that I saw & photographed this in early October at the wharf. Santa must have been getting ready for the big day. Leica M6 with expired Kodak Ektachrome E100S slide film.

I’m out…happy holidays to everyone and may peace prevail on this world for once.

4 comments to “Santa’s Got A Secret Parking Spot”

  1. Funny picture. I’ve been using some of my expired provia. The result is great as you told me. See ya.

  2. i really like the way you compose your shot. coupled with the somewhat somber color of the fence, its just one heck of a good image!

  3. To be Santa is hard these times. You have to start preparation very early 🙂 Fantastic seen.

  4. Thanks everyone. This was a rather odd & hilarious scene when I came across it. Seems that everything in the shot is a bit off kilter which adds to it.


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