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Link of the Day: Staying What Course?

Update: Globat, my host, finally admitted that the problem with my site is due to them:

The file sever that your domain’s server is using has encountered an error and is failing to authenticate and accept data. Our Systems Administrators are still trying to restore the file server for your domain. As of now, an estimated time has not been fully established yet but you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Trying to get them to admit that after they tell me that the problem was on my end and that I should “upgrade” my account to a dedicated server for over $150 a month. Rigghhtt.. I want to spend that much on a site that gets little or no traffic? They never answer their emails, they try to pass the buck and they want me to spend my money on a dedicated server?

Globat sucks right now. So expect the site to be slow…and god only knows for how long.

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