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Rock & Roll Will Save the Day

Rock & Roll Will Save the Day

It’s always fun to see what’s happening in the streets. This guy was actually pretty darn good and was trying to make enough money for rent (so he says). I took a few and recorded a bit of his music on my iPhone. Of course I gave him a few bucks.

I hope this works….well I tried to upload a audio file but it’s not working…I’ll add it at some point once I figure it out.

Finally got the audio to work. Love it! It’s going to transform my photos as I can now include sound to enhance my photos. Tell me what ya think about it.


Update: Finally was able to fix the navigation problems I’ve been having. Geez…I hate php.

3 comments to “Rock & Roll Will Save the Day”

  1. Great angle on this, John. The difference between a real musician and a half-assed picker like me is, this guy will probably make rent without having to sell his axe. 😉

    John Wall
  2. gotta love the Metal!!

  3. This is awesome man. I love this type of angle and it really compliments the particular vibe he’s putting forward (concert style angle – but in a non-concert setting). The fact that it also focuses on the bag and note just pulls it all together.

    Christopher Layne

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