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I haven’t been particularly creative lately. I often go thru these phases where I just don’t feel like taking a photograph. It’s ok I suppose as I do have my archives as I’m not one to post as soon as I photograph something…..

From the Juneteenth Celebration parade here in the City with my Leica M6 and Legacy Pro film.

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  1. I’m intrigued by the notion of this celebration…it wasn’t one I was aware of. I looked it up and it’s relatively new for New York. I started to read the book long ago and never got far…

    I don’t think I’ve had those phases yet. I used to take almost no photos in New York, saving it all up for travel, but it wasn’ t because I didn’t want to…more that, as I’ve mentioned pretty frequently, I was afraid of photographing around home. Now that I’m partly but not fully over that, I haven’t found any lack of desire. Although I’ve cut back drastically since I shot sooo much this summer, between El Salvador, Coney Island, testing the new half-frame, and Colombia…I don’t want to have too much backlog or to create any more projects for myself.

    Nancy Chuang

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