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Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

Brooklyn changes every time we go there. It’s the current “in” place and gentrification is a constant. Hell it’s happening all over New York City and also here in San Francisco. Cheap rents drive people and businesses to move to places that weren’t even a consideration. Once one “hip” place opens up in the neighborhood, it’s almost inevitable that other places start popping up and the businesses that were there before disappear.

The photo itself reminds me of the movie Once Upon a Time in America. In fact the cover is taken at the same spot. Leica M6 with Apfa APX 400 film.

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  1. Love it, John!

    Christopher Layne
  2. very interesting blog
    i will be here regulary 😉

  3. Thanks Chris. Bawgaj yes please visit as your work is fantastic!

    John Agoncillo
  4. yeah!

  5. I Luv this picture. Ah, New York…how I love you.


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