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Obama Supporter

Obama Supporter

Just to mix things up, here’s a photo I took at the Martin Luther King Day celebration at the Bill Graham Auditorium here in San Francisco. There was a strong contingency of Barack Obama supporters there. Hillary supporters were present as well but not as numerous as Obama’s. Edwards or any Republican supporters were nowhere to be found.

Leica M6 with Fuji NPS 160 color film. As a side note I brought my Yashica Mat 124G with me and will hopefully have a few coming.

POTD: I have a ton of Flickr friends so I’d like to start sharing some of their work. Arturo from xtoid who photographed the residents of Manilatown from 1978-80. The residents were subsequently evicted out of their homes when the owner of the building wanted to develop the area. Today there’s a new Manilatown where low income seniors live.

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