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Music Man

Music Man

If you’ve ever walked the streets of San Francisco you’ve seen this guy selling his music cd’s. He has his iPod ready to play a sample if you’d like. I’ve never listened to it as I’m a bit of a germophob and would never want to put someone earplugs in my ear but I’ve always wanted to…maybe one day I’ll stick my earplugs on his to listen.

Olympus XA4 and very expired Fuji NHGII 800 color film.

2 comments to “Music Man”

  1. That guy’s head coming in from the side is wild-looking. I like all the movement.

    I see guys in Oakland trying to sell CDs on the street, too, but they never have a way to hear it in advance. They oughtta just have it playing in a little boombox.

    John Wall
  2. That is a cool shot. What an effective use of noise!!!

    Matt Bamberg

    Matt Bamberg

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