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Mr. Accordion

Mr. Accordion

Graham Brooks and his Golden Cup accordion is a regular staple in my neighborhood. You can usually catch him on Clement Street in the Richmond District or in the Inner Sunset on Irving Street playing his tunes. I caught him while back playing on Clement Street after Mike Klepka of the SF Chronicle did a short photo essay on him on The City Exposed. I briefly talked to him to tell him that I indeed saw the article and that he was famous. He chuckled and started playing his accordion for me to take a snap shot of him. I, of course, left him a few dollars so he can continue his craft.

Leica M6 and Arista Pro 50 at 80 iso.

3 comments to “Mr. Accordion”

  1. Excellent. I’ve admired this guy’s playing a time or two at Ninth & Irving.

    John Wall
  2. That’s great… I went to a Mike Kepka talk and presentation at an Exposure Gallery Thursday night get-together a few months ago. And he was one of the subjects covered. Kepka gets around. He’s snagged a lot of the same people we’ve seen. Really funny guy, too…

  3. Thanks John & Brad…I’ve been a fan of Mike Kepka’s work at the Chron…

    John Agoncillo

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