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Motor on America

Motor on America

Well it’s a done deal and Obama is our next President. I should be happier but I’m not as Prop. 8 passed and it puts a damper on things. One step forward, two steps backwards. We have friends, co-workers, acquaintances and neighbors who had the same rights as Betty and I had when we got married. Now it’s gone. Their only sin was that they love, that they want to spend their entire life with another human being. It just doesn’t seem right and I’m convinced love will prevail one day.

Olympus XA4 with expired Kodak Porta 800 color film somewhere on Interstate 5 on the way to LA a few months back.

4 comments to “Motor on America”

  1. John, we all must keep fighting this battle. We can never take any issue concerning basic human rights lightly. The passing of prop 8 is a tragedy, a major set back, but we can’t stop pushing forward and speaking out against discrimination. We need to fill the courts with law suits, educate and make opportunities to be heard. There’s so much to be done. Thanks for providing this venue of commentary. This is how we will achieve unity.


    David W. Sumner
  2. It’s a real shame. Frankly I was surprised on the outcome Wednesday morning. Fortunately, it’s not over yet…

  3. great stuff for obama – & what is it with prop 8 over there? – even here where i live in the most religious nutty outpost of europe (northern ireland) we have same-sex marriages !

  4. I was surprised to hear that majority of African Americans, who should know how it is to be descriminated, was against same sex marriage. I don’t understand.


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