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And now for something completely different. Here’s Mona our cat…she’s a tough one to take a photo of because she’s so darn dark and she’s an indoor cat.

Nikon F3 with Arista Premium 100 shot at 400 iso.

4 comments to “Mona”

  1. I can’t believe I missed seeing her last night. Excellent lens choice on the shot. And thanks again for hosting a great evening.

    John Wall
  2. John she was hiding out in the bedroom.

    John Agoncillo
  3. Well despite the difficulties this managed to turn out just fine. In my experience, every long haired black cat I’ve known has been a viscious scratcher. I’m sure she’s nothing like that though – look at her butter-wouldn’t-melt face 😉

    catherine buca
  4. Is she a rescued cat?


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