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Long Shadows After a Hard Day at Work

Long Shadows After a Hard Day at Work

The 9-5 job has been kicking my butt lately and this photograph illustrates the exhausting experience I’ve been having. Haven’t had the time to go on my usual lunch time photo walk so nothing really new lately. This photograph is a few weeks old using my Vivitar 35ES, the virtual clone of the Minolta Hi Matic 7sii. I’m trying to rotate the use of my cameras.

POTD: Evening by Belgian photographer Timothy over at 741231.

2 comments to “Long Shadows After a Hard Day at Work”

  1. How come I haven’t seen any Hasselblad 6×6’s?
    Also, how do you like the camera so far. I was really considering one.
    Mainly because my second choice in MF, RB-67, weighs a ton and I like the square.

    But 6×7 Polaroid is just so badass.

  2. just gorgeous textures, and teh kind of shot I’d miss every time! Well done that man. I’m seeing if an eBay Vivitar can do the biz, and here’s my answer!

    Neal Mac

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