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L & B Spumoni Gardens

L & B Spumoni Gardens

Hey we’re tourists and what do tourist do? They take cheesy bus led tours all over town. A Slice of Brooklyn Tour was cheesy but in a good way….the New York pizza way. Can’t beat that right? Tony, our Brooklyn native guide, takes us on a tour and stops at two of the best pizza joints in town, L & B Spumoni Gardens and my personal favorite, the venerable Grimaldi’s. Off the bat you know that Tony is passionate about Brooklyn and New York. As we pass the Bowery on our way to Brooklyn, Tony pines about the good old days when the Bowery was not the gentrified, expensive, cookie cutter store in every corner neighborhood it is today. He gives us a history of the different & culturally diverse parts of Brooklyn from DUMBO to Bay Ridge to Bensonhurst and all the way to to Brighton Beach and Coney Island. He bellows with excitement about his love of pizza and his favorite Spumoni Gardens. I couldn’t bare to tell him I enjoyed Grimaldi’s much more for it’s pizza baked in a coal burning oven….hey I’m a traditional NY pizza kinda guy. If you’re ever in Brooklyn, you must take this tour…the best $65 (well it’s $75 now) spent.

Leica M6, Tri-X, D76 1+1

POTD: Youtube video of A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour on “Ultimate Road Trip”.

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