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James Henry Tilton

James Tilton

June 16, 1957 – March 31, 2006

May you rest in peace.

4 comments to “James Henry Tilton”

  1. John – Thank you for being here for me and the kids. Love you guys. Winnie

    Rowena Tilton
  2. I am sorry we lost touch. I have always thought of you and your family so warmly. This sun will never be as bright as it was while you were smiling on this earth. We are all so sorry Leslie, Judy, Georgia The Abbott Sisters from NH

    Leslie Haas
  3. If this is James that lived on Manzanita Street, I had been looking for him for years… He was a great inspiration to me as a child and that last time I saw him was shortly after Megan Nicole was born… I’d love to know what happened. Thank you and may he rest in peace…

    Jose Almeyda
  4. James you were an amazing man I grew up looking up to you, how mart, funny, and kind you were it’s been I few years since your passing but you keep popping up in my thoughts. I have a wife and a three months old son now and I hope I can be half the father and husband you were to your wife and kids. You were a godly man and that’s the man I want to be you are in heaven with God and Christ and how amazing that is but I sure do miss you down here. So thank you for being that Godly influence to me.


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