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It’s All About Who Has Style

It\'s All About Who Has Style

Styling Shoes

All I have to say about the Arista Pro 50 film developed in Diafine is wow. The tones, the crispness and everything in between is just wow. Developing in Diafine gives me a little boost in iso as I shot the film at 80. Being the same as Pan F film this film is a bargain. It’s a shame they don’t sell it on Freestyle anymore. Dang..nice…..from Carnaval with the M6.

3 comments to “It’s All About Who Has Style”

  1. That’s a great portrait —yeah, this emultion is fantastic. like you said rich tones and I love the creamy highlight. I got great results with using HC-110.

    Alan Dejecacion
  2. ta for the info john – i must hunt some of it down here in ireland – good portrait!

  3. top notch diptych … this would be a lucius print!


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