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I Wonder Sometimes If I Lived in His Shoes

I Wonder Sometimes If I Lived in His Shoes

These guys work hard. Everyday they are out in Chinatown gathering cardboard boxes to get them recycled. It’s how they make their living and they fill an essential role in recycling trash that otherwise would just go to a landfill. I’ve seen them in the morning drive in with their truck empty. Throughout the day they go all over the area, bring boxes to their truck, break it down and pile them up high. At the end of the day, their truck is full and they are off to the recycling center. I often wonder how much they get for their difficult work.

Leica M6 with Fuji NPH 400 color film.

3 comments to “I Wonder Sometimes If I Lived in His Shoes”

  1. I’ve also seen their trucks pulled over on the freeway by the CHP when they’ve built their load too high, and the fine probably wipes out at least a day’s work. I still want to follow the recycling trail one of these days, from street guys to the recyclers to a product made from the recycled material.

    John Wall
  2. Absolutely love the color in this. I have a *ton* of 160NPS if you want some, John. Now off that note, I think it’d be interesting to interview one of these guys, maybe get a more in depth story of how much it’s worth, how consistent the returns are, etc. The inner details of the unseen always fascinating me.

    Christopher Layne
  3. Hey Christopher…thanks for the offer of 160NPS…I’m holding off shooting color as our local lab is now I actually tried talking to these guys but my Spanish isn’t very good. They were also very suspicious of me which I can understand. I used to go to Chinatown all the time on my lunch break but the new job isn’t close by anymore so they don’t see me as often.

    John Agoncillo

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