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Hippies Use Side Door

Hippies Use Side Door

The Minolta Hi Matic 7sii is truly a fantastic little rangefinder camera. It’s small, sharp as nails with a very fast 1.7 lens, fully manual and just beautiful. Well it’s not a Leica and the viewfinder could be a lot better and the framelines brighter but then again nothing is even close to the venerable camera maker. I have several 7sii’s with three black bodies that are very rare and one silver one. I have an additional silver one that I got working but I’m using mainly for parts. I’ve been neglecting them because of my Leica but will use them more often. They have all been CLA’d by Mark Hama and are in working condition. I’ll likely sell some of these beauties as I’d rather that someone use them. Besides I need some cash to pay for all this photo gear.

Taken in my hood with the 7sii and it is cropped.

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  1. Hi! I might be interested in one of these black bodied 7sII. Please make an offer to my email, describe working condition (meter, focusing, rf alignment…), price and extras supplied (hood, strap, body, filters, cap…?). One other thing… Friend of mine has good working one but is missing id plate for the lens (fits inside the filter ring). Could you let go of that part from your parts’ mule for reasonable price.


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