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Health Care for All

Health Care for All

I was at Union Square tonight where Obama was attending a fundraiser at the Sir Francis Drake. All sorts of people from the left and the right were there protesting their respective causes. It was a circus really. Don’t get me wrong I love the passion in seeing some people fight for what they believe in but some of the things they were saying was just wacko. Someone had a sign that said “I like my current health care”. That is one selfish SOB if you don’t mind me saying. There are about 46.3 million Americans without health insurance in 2008. That is sure to rise in 2009 and beyond without some meaningful reform that includes medicare for all. Sickens me…….

Leica M6 at the hotel workers protest in front of the Grand Hyatt in Union Square with Fuji Neopan 1600.

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  1. very good !

  2. Agreed.

    Anna L. Conti
  3. Beautiful shot, John. Love that Neopan 1600 look.

    John Wall
  4. Really strong…

  5. Very nice. Great framing and great job getting in close.

    Tim Goodspeed

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