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Grey Studies Leaves

Grey Studies Leaves

I have a handful of cameras now. I know I should list them all and update my “about” page with them but I’m lazy. One of my favorites is the Olympus XA for the simple reason that it’s so small & compact that I can take it anywhere. It’s a rangefinder with an above par lens. I also have the Oly XA4 with a 28mm wide angle lens and the Oly XA2 on the way. All of them are compact with the XA as the only true rangefinder. I love these old cameras. Speaking of old cameras, Pop had an old Minolta 110 Zoom SLR that I now have. I must say it’s an old looking thing. I mistakenly told Pop that the 110 film was hard to come by. That isn’t the case when I did a quick Google on it. Turns out that the film is available at your local Walgreens. I happen to swing by a Walgreens today and bought a roll. We’ll see how it turns out with this camera. Did I say how much I love old cameras now?

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  1. Did you ever go and get some 126 film developed in the city?

  2. No I haven’t although I asked my local lab, which is sadly closing next week, if they can process it and Bobby said they can. Unfortunately they can’t print them but I’ll see about scanning them which I’ll also do with the 110 film.

  3. Do you know what the Minolta 110 zoom SLR originally sold for? I have been trying to find this info for some time with no luck. Strangly, reviewers will write for pages about a camera and never once mention the MSRP. Very aggrivating for researchers of old cameras. If you happen to know the cost of that camera could you send me an e-mail at Thanks.


    Rodger Carter

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