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Feeling like crap lately and to add to my headaches, there’s news that Kodak will “retire” the historic film Kodachrome. It was inevitable as the film is expensive to purchase and to process. There’s only one last remaining lab that can process the film in the entire world and that will end sometime in 2010. We all lose in this decision as there is no other film or digital camera that can produce the color and archival quality of this film. Just look at the image above that was taken while on my trip to Alaska last year. Try that in your camera and try to produce it in Photoshop. I don’t think so. Some of the most iconic photographs ever taken were from Kodachrome film. Slides from the 1970’s look like they were taken yesterday as the color is retained due to Kodachrome’s amazing ability durability. This news flat out sucks.

In honor of Kodachrome, I’m going to try posting Kodachrome photos this week. Additionally I have a few rolls left and will be using my remaining stock & more before it’s completely gone.

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  1. Excellent lines. Well seen.

    Tim Goodspeed

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