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Good Old Mickey’s Buzz

Good Old OE Buzz

Al and I were on a photo walk in downtown and Chinatown a few weeks back and we came across this guy and his girlfriend (I assume it was his girlfriend I should say) at the steps of the Stockton Tunnel. They were just hanging out drinking his 40oz of Old English Mickey’s. Now I used to do this back in the day in the dark alleys of Los Angeles so I’m not surprised the practice continues today. OE Mickey’s is hardcore stuff and all it does it get you drunk and fast. Sometimes that’s not such a good thing. As a side note Al’s version is much better than mine (composition among other things) given that my exposure was off…because of Al (long story)! Another side note is that I’ll see ya’ll in a few days as I’m getting some much needed R&R. Being in-between jobs does require you to go out and have fun.

Leica M6 & Arista Pro 50 developed in Diafine. This was probably shot at 100 iso or even 200.

2 comments to “Good Old Mickey’s Buzz”

  1. je veux etre parmit les personnes qui vons assiter a votre programlme

  2. Geez how did I miss that? Mickey’s it is! Thanks Al!

    John Agoncillo

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