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Going Out for a Walk to Think

Going Out for a Walk to Think

I like the way the sunlight shines on the gentleman here. Additionally all the lines seem to lead us to him as well. I often go out on walks to think about things. It’s an escape for me that I enjoy.

Photographed on Kearny in Chinatown with my Leica M6 a couple of weeks ago.

3 comments to “Going Out for a Walk to Think”

  1. beautiful!

  2. Hi John – this one makes me think of gary stochls work – do you know of him i wonder? – he photographed downtown chicago for 40 years – a very personal vision of what it is to be living in an american city

  3. Hey Dylan. No unfortunately I’ve never heard of him. I tried to google his name but came up with nothing. You have more info on him?


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