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SOLD: Black & Silver Minolta Hi Matic 7sii Rangefinder

For Sale

They are both sold. Thank you for your interest.

Top Cover Minolta Hi Matic 7sii DetailIt’s time to sell some gear as it’s a shame they aren’t being used. So my spare black & silver Hi Matic 7sii’s are for sale. The Canonet pictured above is already sold.

The black body (Serial #8096257) is fairly rare nowadays and this one has been cleaned, lubricated & adjusted (CLA’d) by Mark Hama last December ($65 value). The body has a scratch on the top of the rewind knob and another by the flash. Other than that the body is in awesome condition. The Rokkor 40mm f1.7 is legendary and the lens on this one has no scratches, haze or fungus. The viewfinder has never been a strong point for the Hi Matic but it’s usable. The seals have been Top Cover Minolta Hi Matic 7sii Detail replaced and the meter is working. These cameras can go up to $200 on ebay that haven’t been CLA’d. No lens cap or case but has a strap. I’m selling this one for $185 plus shipping. Here is a photo I took with this camera.

The silver body (#7075077) isn’t as rare as I’ve seen them go for about $100 on ebay. Beautiful condition cosmetically and produces awesome photos. Seals have been replaced, meter works, lens has no scratches, fog or haze. One minor thing is that the plastic on the front viewfinder is coming off but can be easily fixed with some glue. I may fix that before I send it out but it really is an easy fix that I wanted to mention. Other than that it’s a camera ready to go. These go for about $100 on ebay. I’m selling it for $85 plus shipping. I’ll post a photo I took with this camera shortly.

Updated 12/22/07Photo taken with this camera.

Buy both for $260 plus shipping!

More info about the 7sii can be found on Cameraquest.

If you’re interested send me an email (agi500 @ – remove spaces) or make a comment here. I accept Paypal and will ship internationally if I know you and have been a regular visitor. Local pickup is even better. Don’t be shy and make an offer. If it’s not sold then I’ll sell it on RFF. I just want the buyer to actually use this camera as they really are excellent.

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