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Felipe Agoncillo: First Filipino Diplomat

Felipe Agoncillo: First Filipino Diplomat

The New York City Public Library is one of my favorite places to go when I’m in New York City. It’s a beautiful Beaux-Arts building wrought with history. I was at the library to see the extraordinary exhibit Eminent Domain: Contemporary Photography and the City. It’s a group show of 5 photographers who give their view of New York. The exhibit is loosely based from recent proposals to regulate photography in New York. The work of photographer Ethan Levitas in particular really made an impact for me as his work was truly amazing. He captured moments on the elevated subways that when you place all the elements of the photograph together, the image meshes as one and tells a story. Really amazing stuff that another guy and I were literally shaking our heads in awe. If you are in Manhattan and you love photography, check this exhibit out before it goes.

Being at the library, I managed to check out a book about my great great great grandfather Felipe Agoncillo. I just had to see & touch it at the New York City Public Library. My dad has a copy of this book in soft cover but it’s just nice to see & document the fact that this book is in this great institution.

Leica M6 Tri-X at 1600 developed in diafine.

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  1. wow, i have a case in TAgaytay and my research shows that Felipe Agoncillo owned a vast track of land in Tagaytay now subject of my case with many claimants.


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