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Everyone Around Me is a Total Stranger

Everyone Around Me is a Total Stranger

My Leica in Union Square. Title taken from that 80’s song by the Vapors.

POTD: Untitled over at Ramblings of 3.

5 comments to “Everyone Around Me is a Total Stranger”

  1. is that the same guy ? is it one of those trick shots?

    alex agoncillo
  2. Ha! no it’s not the same guy. Must be his brother..ya know what they say we all look alike 🙂

  3. great moment. is that a mirror or poster he’s looking at?

    Was just at Union Square the other day –lots of stuff going on. Noticed also that you’ve been shooting around Fisherman’s wharf/Aquatic Park area. I live near there –give me a shout if you’re in the hood for a beer or two. I’m off Thurs-Sat.

    Alan Dejecacion
  4. haha good one with the title!

    dylan mcburney
  5. Thanks Dylan….growing up in the 80’s it’s a song I’ll always remember. 🙂


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