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Enter, There is Light

Enter, There is Light

I think if I had to this blog can be exclusively produced with my Olympus XA4. I’ve been using it often as anyone who’s seen the past few days of photos can tell. How is that possible and my M6 hasn’t seen the light of day lately? Sheesh.

2 comments to “Enter, There is Light”

  1. Hi John
    I just bought an Olympus XA this week… I got tired of my tiny digital Ricoh… lots of issues with the camera and the service here in US is really bad… so maybe I’ll end up loving my new XA toy as well.

    Guillermo Duran
  2. You are getting great results from the XA4. But then again, I think it’s more than the camera. You would get great results with a Holga.

    Tim Goodspeed

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