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Election Night, 2008

Election Night, 2008

Betty and I were at the SF Obama Party at the Westin St. Francis on Election Night. I’ll post more in the next day or two.

Leica M6 with Arista Premium 400 at 1600 iso developed in Diafine.

2 comments to “Election Night, 2008”

  1. You probably had a much better time. My wife (Jeanne) and I stayed at the other Westin (the ex Argent on 3rd), and then went over to Yerba Buena where there was a post-election party. The problem was, there was a line to get in, going around the block on Mission. And it wasn’t moving. Oh well…

  2. I heard about the Yerba Buena event and was going to go there as well. Glad I didn’t. Where did you end up?

    John Agoncillo

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