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Early Morning, 5th Ave. at 42nd

Early Morning, 5th Ave. at 42nd

Leica, Tri-X at 1600 with Diafine developer. Probably not ideal to use 1600 iso but what the heck you use what you have in your camera. I guess that’s what makes digital so useful as you can switch iso at will. Do I miss it? Not in the least.

I picked up a beat up Leica M3 with a 50mm collapsible Cron (thanks Elizabeth!). I’m shooting a test roll on it now but it desperately needs a CLA and will be sending it out soon.

POTD: 59th Street by New York photographer Amin Torres.

6 comments to “Early Morning, 5th Ave. at 42nd”

  1. You bastard.
    Someone heads upped that M3 on RFF, and I couldn’t get a hold of her.

    But on a lighter note, I have now in my collection:
    a 35/2 Summicron V4
    a 50/2 DR Summicron (Minus the eyes)
    a 90/2.8 Elmarit (Current version, collapsible hood)

    Now I just need a decent body to put them on, and a Hexar RF might win.

    Like the picture BTW. Diafine is also what I need.

  2. Hey Albert,

    How’s the 120 slides going? Congrats on those lenses. I thought you had a Leica that you were using?

  3. I do have a Leica, but I’m always going to want more.
    I’m trying to figure out if I want a new body or not…
    – M5
    – M6
    …are both tempting me, but I just don’t know.

    As for the slides, haven’t shot any just yet. Doing lots of B&W.

  4. Ahh..yeah..wanting more. Which M do you have now? Is it an M3?

    As for me, I think I’m done. The M3 I just got does have problems and I’m sending it out so we’ll see what Youxin Ye does with it after a CLA. But truly I’m done buying and will start selling some of the cameras as it’s a shame they aren’t being used.

  5. Thats a shame.
    I just want a more modern M body.
    Then I think I will be happy with a 35/2 and 50/2.

    Maybe an M3/M2 down the lane to replace my Franken-M.

  6. For some reason this feels like a a scene from an old zombie film.


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