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Each Person Can Make a Difference

Each Person Can Make a Difference

This young lady is a voter registration volunteer. I came across her husband at the Ferry Building farmer’s market. Me being me, I asked if I could photograph him. He said yes and he promptly told me that his wife had a great smile and that I should take a photo of her as well. I happily obliged and here is the result. The photo of him will be posted tomorrow.

On a side note the film I used for this shot was Ilford HP5 400 iso. I’m not particularly happy with it and it seems to lack contrast and midtones and it’s very grainy. Let’s just say I had to work this in Photoshop more than I usually do. Oh well.

2 comments to “Each Person Can Make a Difference”

  1. that’s really sweet of you, Johnny!

  2. It’s a good photo but I think I see what you mean about this being a bit more grainy than what I am used seeing in your photos – and the perceived sharpness is a bit less as well. I’ve been trying some C-41 B&W films lately (shot two rolls of BW400CN today) and so far I really like XP2 Super.


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