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Dump Capital-ism

Dump Capital-ism

March 19, 2009 marked the sixth 6-year anniversary of the Iraq War. A war that didn’t need to happen. With over 4,261 military casualties, thousands of wounded soldiers, an economy in shambles as we struggle to pay millions a month for it, with a staggering total of over $1 trillion and counting. Iraq civilian deaths numbering in the thousands. It sickens me. Let’s get the eff out of there.

From a recent protest in San Francisco using my Leica M6.

15 comments to “Dump Capital-ism”

  1. LOL. Wonder why he’s hiding.

  2. what a duche bag… learn to interperate once you know how to read… then use that skill when reviewing history and modern events… then pull your head out of your ass when vocalizing you political views.

    Capitalism is what gave you your digital camera and personal computer… communism/socialism says we should all be equally without.

  3. Thanks genius you’re so smart. I mean duche? Genius indeed. Your other comments aren’t even worthy of a reply really.

    John Agoncillo
  4. Seems like a heated debate.
    The photo is sad, just like the situation in Iraq and the war that just won’t seem to stop.
    I have my own opinion about the war, but I don’t think it’s relevant in this case.
    Thank you for sharing the photo and your opinion.

  5. I think there’s a misconception when I posted this photograph. It’s an image that I captured during the 6-year anniversary march of the Iraq war but that does not mean that I agree with what the sign says. I am documenting what I saw. I was against the war from the very beginning and that’s a fact.

    As with any system, the prevalence of abuse by those in power and wish to remain there at all costs is what the problem is. That is what I’m against. I’m also against the deaths, false imprisonment without representation, torture, illegal spying of American citizens and the spending of trillions of our tax money when we have so many problems in our own country that need to be fixed. And no I’m not a “socialist” so don’t even go there.

    John Agoncillo
  6. Couldn’t have expressed my personal feelings better, John.

    And it’s a great photo, too…

  7. Great shot!
    That would be SIXTH anniversary, sadly. (Because the Latin word annus, the root of anniversary, means “year” it is redundant to say — as “W” himself used to — that it is the “X-year anniversary.”
    Use like birthday “sixteenth birthday,” century “Twentieth Century” etc.)

  8. Thanks for the correction Rocky.

    John Agoncillo
  9. You’re right… its popular to hate the war in Iraq… screw the Iraqis who spent decades being tortured and oppressed by a madman dictator in torture caves, and mass murders by those cities who spoke out against him… I mean if they cannot save themselves… then they don’t deserves saving… however America should invade Darfur and save THOSE people… mostly because it wasn’t George Bush’s idea.

    Oh and lets forget that the overthrow of Iraq was after repeated air-space violations, support for Taliban, and a majority vote by DEMOCRATS in Congress.

    All in all… socialism would fix everything… then all Americans would be just like all the destitute of the world wishing they knew what running water and fresh food were like.

    Ass hat!

  10. You think the Iraq War is a popularity contest? Go back to high school or the rock where you came from. As for your other meaningless points, I think you watch Fox News too much as it shows because you’re throwing out the same lies and bullshit.

    John Agoncillo
  11. gee, it seems like this ‘genius’ could be a police infiltrator sent to a demo to create a riot. And unfortunately the ‘destitute’ countries that he talks of never had any socialism or commuism, just military dictatorships that were/are more often than not financially and militarily supported by the great democratic government of the U.S. of A.

  12. hey dionysia… give me one example.

    I will share with you the destitute who suffer under the “collective oligarchies” here is a start.

    The Soviet Union (prior to its split)
    Germany (under Hitler)
    China today
    North Korea
    Saudi Arabia
    and you must be a mental midget to tell me a dictatorship ISN’T a socialist community… they are only different in a matter of PR watch this video for a better description:

    and John… Mr. deep thought… I don’t watch Fox News. I don’t watch any cable news, I don’t have cable. Perhaps your talking points from MSNBC about how everything you disagree with is a “fox news talking point” should be evaluated.

    eat pole!

  13. Genius you are a dork. North Korea is not as bad as everyone says. It specifically says that its a DEMOCRATIC Republic… you need to get your facts straight buddy

  14. Marshall… it can say what ever it wants but when the citizens are gunned down at the border for trying to leave, its a dictatorship/oligarchy. A republic has a practically powerless government in regards to the people… a democracy is nothing more than a mob.

    Kim Jung Il is a madman terrorist of a dictator, and his words about what North Korea is or isn’t means d*ck to me.

  15. Ok kids I think I’ve had enough with this conversation.

    John Agoncillo