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Down at Joe’s

Down at Joe

Joe’s Ice Cream has been around since 1959. It’s a great mom & pop parlor that sells handmade ice cream produced in this tiny shop. It’s also a diner with fries, burgers and sandwiches. You walk in and you’re transported back to the 1950’s. Mutsuhiko & Aki Murashige have run & owned Joe’s since 1979. I’m a coffee ice cream nut and can never resist it when I’m there. I’ve also tried the pumpkin which is excellent. They also offer some unique flavors that you don’t come across anywhere else. I love sitting there with my ice cream cone, an order of fries and just watch the action. Next time you’re there say hello and try some of the best tasty treats the city has to offer.

Olympus XA4 with I believe TMAX 400 but I could be wrong and too lazy to check.

POTD: cuppa joe from Toronto based film user Bob over at No Traces.

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  1. Best ice cream in town!!


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