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Curiosity Often Leads to Trouble

Curiosity Often Leads to Trouble

Last one for today with the Leica M3 again.

3 comments to “Curiosity Often Leads to Trouble”

  1. i can’t read all words on the ground. what do they mean? i’m a bit jealous, because you have sun over there these days.

  2. Hey Thomas…hmm..I think this is what it said…at least partially from looking at it more closely:

    “These are dreams and these are realities into which we all have…….suspended bridges over the final bay of the world”

    Can’t see that middle part. I have no idea what it means :).

    John Agoncillo
  3. I really don’t understand the title in the context of this image but you’ve certainly demonstrated terrific vision in spotting this visual curiosity. Nice work.

    Mike Blanchard

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