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Corduroy Jacket & Hands

Corduroy Jacket & Hands

Just purchased and received my first medium format camera the Yashica Mat-124G. The meter isn’t working which I’m fine with. I can’t wait to start shooting with it. I also got a Yashica EZ-matic which uses old 126 film that is no longer readily available. I bought about 30 rolls of expired 126 film from Brook’s Camera as they were trying to get rid of their stock due to their store closing. I have no idea why they had so much but they did. I cleaned the camera, checked that the meter was working (it was) and stuck a roll of film in the camera and it’s now ready to be used. My camera stock is getting way too big and I need to stop ASAP. Didn’t I mention awhile ago that I should update my “About” page with all my cameras? One day……..

Everyone that is out there checking out my photos, say hello in the comments will you? I know you’re out there.

This photograph was shot in Chinatown with my M6.

3 comments to “Corduroy Jacket & Hands”

  1. congradulations on the yashicamat!
    I have one of those and love it. Make sure the focus plane and the viewing lens are on the same plane or (like many) you will not get the sharpness of the lens.


  2. Nice!

  3. Hello John,

    You can’t have too many cool cameras!

    Great photos.



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