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Convergence, 42nd Street

Convergence, 42nd Street

Just got back from New York last night and I’m still exhausted. Betty and I probably walked 20+ miles throughout the week as it seemed like we went everywhere. From Coney Island on one end to Columbia University on the other end of Manhattan we were there and had a great time. I now have about 13 rolls of black & white film to develop as well as 7 rolls of 120 film to send to the lab. Scanning all this should be fun……still no POTD as I’m too lazy to look for one right now.

Photograph from a few weeks back with my Leica using Fuji Superia X-Tra color film that I converted to black & white.

4 comments to “Convergence, 42nd Street”

  1. thats a great oddball off to the left there – a little closer would’ve been better I think
    Looking forward to the rest of the NY photos John – it’s a great city – did you shoot any colour?

  2. its a jewish guy right?
    actually the photo makes him look like a ‘one legged road surfer’ – thats what i meant
    (just in case anybody might pick that up in the wrong way… 🙂

  3. Hey Dylan. Yeah I agree that I should have been closer. I had mixed emotions on posting the photograph as I felt it’s not a particularly strong one but I was tired and didn’t feel like looking & processing another one. And yes that’s a Hasidic Jew. I did use some color on my first trip but this recent one I used bw exclusively on my Leica but did bring my Hassy and shot color with it. I hope I get some good one to post…

  4. good luck – i will be in NY myself next year for a week in april – looking forward to it!


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