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Consumed with the News

Consumed with the News

Had some time today to head over to SFMOMA to see the Henry Wessel exhibit. I really enjoyed the exhibit because his photography is very similar to the style that I photograph on a daily basis – that of being a documentary photographer and drawing “inspiration from the everyday”. I’m not even close to his expertise but who knows. Another common characteristic is that he’s a fellow Bay Area resident and Leica user.

This photo was snapped on 3rd Street in SF using my Minolta 7sii that I recently cleaned and replaced the seals on. I’ll be selling this baby soon as I have too many 7sii’s so if you’re interested and want to jump on it before it goes on ebay or RFF let me know. I can easily send you some photos of it if you wish and it’s a silver body one. I’ll even give you a good Alapan discount.

3 comments to “Consumed with the News”

  1. Hello Alapan, interesting site to say the least. Do you still have the himatic for sale? Found your link from the himatic group page.

  2. I’m now looking for a hi-matic 7sII, but still without success. Although your post is from some years ago do you still hav a black one for sale? Hope to hear from you. I live in the Netherlands, Europe.

  3. Hi Peter,

    Unfortunately I do not have any for sale. I only have 1 left and it’s a keeper.

    John Agoncillo

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