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Chevy Impala, Bryant Street 2009

Chevy Impala, Bryant Street 2009

From the Carnaval with the Nikon F3 and very expired Kodak Plus-X.

9 comments to “Chevy Impala, Bryant Street 2009”

  1. wow. in my RSS, i thought this looked great. when i clicked through to your site, i noticed the face in the rear view. very, very nice shot man.

    you are very quick and good with the eye!

  2. Hey John, that’s so damn great. Def going in the October mag…

  3. yessssssss ;)))

  4. Haha, what a dude! Nice shot John!

  5. Thanks everyone.

    John Agoncillo
  6. Looks like Michael (Jackson) finally driving his way. Great shot.

  7. EXCELLENT. Awesome shot, John!

    Christopher Layne
  8. I love this…amazing face on that dude. The plus-x doesn’t seem so expired to me, unlike the super-expired tmax I found and played with for a while…unbelievably chunky grain.

    Nancy Chuang
  9. Really nice shot. Full of surprise!


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