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Chess & Jazz in the Jukebox

Chess & Jazz in the Jukebox

I’ve been walking down to Union Square more often (hence the frequent shots there lately) and I love watching this particular chess player (gentlemen on the right) that hangs out there. He has his portable jukebox playing jazz classics and anyone can come over and play him. I’ve seen people offer him money afterwards but I suspect that isn’t required. I also usually don’t take photographs when I’m watching as I don’t want to intrude. One reason is that I’m trying to establish a friendly relationship with them before I do take photos. So the other day I asked and they said go right ahead. I love this town. It’s so vibrant.

Union Square with my Leica M6.

POTD: San Francisco, 2006 from Water Molotov.

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  1. I also love the chess players at Powell and Market and I’m also very careful about asking if and when it’s okay to take a photograph, partly because there’s more going on than I think you realize. According to sources I trust, they’re all gambling, probably not for very high stakes, but gambling in the plain open public air nonetheless.


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