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Cautious Life of a Mannequin

Cautious Life of a Mannequin

On Powell Street with my Leica. I’ve been using black & white film with my Leica and the new Hasselblad and will need to develop them at home for the first time in years. It’s probably been 15 years since the last time I processed film on my own. I figure it’s just like riding a bike and once you get on it again, it will all fall into place. I still have my old trusty college textbook which provides all the steps. Betty was fighting me tooth and nail with having all the chemicals around. I persisted and won…for now. Wish me luck.

POTD: Shadow by Japanese photographer Tetsu.

2 comments to “Cautious Life of a Mannequin”

  1. I was going to start doing some B&W for the first time pretty soon.
    What developers you using this time around?

  2. I’m starting with D-76 for now and also bought some Diafine. We’ll see how it goes.


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