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Carnaval 2008, San Francisco

Carnaval 2008, San Francisco

9 comments to “Carnaval 2008, San Francisco”

  1. Nice! I really like pictures like this, where there’s people throughout the frame that all look like they have a story.

    paul burd
  2. great shot, like on theatre stage.

  3. Great one. I agree. The individuals in the shot really pull the viewer in. I love your choice of B+W.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    John Agoncillo
  5. That’s an amazing capture. It releases all sorts of potential narrative about the neighborhood.

  6. great picture John – you could imagine all sorts of things going on here

    dylan mcburney
  7. did you asked these people to pose for you?

    alex agoncillo
  8. Thanks everyone!

    Alex…nope didn’t bother asking at all 🙂

    John Agoncillo
  9. Fascinating image. So much character. Many pictures in one. Wonderful vision. Inspiring. Thanks much for sharing. Much to explore here. Will be back.


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