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Betty’s First Olympus 35 UC Portrait

Betty\'s First Olympus 35 UC Portrait

It’s been called the “elusive”. The Olympus 35 UC is a rare gem very similar to the Olympus 35SPn. In fact it’s the same camera except for some chrome that is blacked out and other body modifications. Very easy to use when on “automatic” mode, it also features spot metering by pressing a button. It’s can also be used without a battery for those times that you want to go meterless and use the Sunny 16 rule. In addition, the meter works, unlike my other fixed rangefinders, when the camera is off “auto” mode. I shot my first roll in fully automatic mode and the photos came out very nicely exposed. This shot of Betty was in very low light of our apartment using Tri-X shot at 400. The only light source was our lamp so this shot was fairly wide open. I also went to MacWorld with “the elusive” and was very pleased at how easy it was to focus and shoot with it. It was as easy as a point & shoot. The focus is very easy, the viewfinder extremely bright and I’m a very happy camper. I’m hooked and the best part was that it came with a pleasant surprise of a very hard to find Minolta lens hood that I can use with my other 49mm fixed rangefinders.

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  1. Good work, I will enjoy reading some more of your related posts.

    Marni Zanes

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