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Betty at Home

Betty at Home

A new toy so it’s a portrait of Betty which has been customary for me. This is my sister’s Nikon F3 slr with a 50mm f1.4 lens. I was lucky enough that she let me borrow it so I can play with it as it’s been sitting in her storage for over 5 years. I asked her if I can rescue it and got it when the family met in San Luis Obispo for my nephew’s graduation (more photos of that coming!). It’s an awesome camera and I’ve yet to learn all about it but one thing that bugged me that it needs a battery for the shutter to work..unless I don’t know what I’m doing yet which is a very good possibility. Oh there’s a bit of flare from the light but I love the atmospheric look to the photograph.

4 comments to “Betty at Home”

  1. Yes it does have an electronic shutter.
    And yes it truly is an amazing camera.

  2. Thanks Albert…how are you doing lately?

    John Agoncillo
  3. I am doing just fine.
    Sold my 90/2.8, CLA’ed my Super 23, and rolled some HP5+…
    I want to ditch my Franken-M for a regular M2,
    but there is no reason for me to do that, so I probably won’t.
    (By the way, the 23 is a 6×9 gigantic rangefinder)
    [I hope to grab a Norman 200B and a cheap suit to use with it]

  4. hey bro! I love this shot…you know how to work magic with any camera you use. you look wonderful betty!!!

    Rowena Tilton

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