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It’s the holidays and time for family. I’ve never been a family kind of guy. I’ve always wanted to do things differently and on my terms that I pushed myself away. Growing up as the youngest of 7, I happily got lost in the shuffle of daily life and just went about my business. My parents let me get away with murder as they probably had enough of all of us. But I was a good kid…too good actually. Shy and introverted to an extreme I have a ton of regrets (mainly all those girls I could of dated – DAMN!). We are a very close knit family and we stick together. I wanted to be the first to do everything. Graduate college, study abroad for a semester – which I wasn’t able to do due to financial reasons (hey when you’re one of 7 you do without some things). Move to a different city – which I did up to now. Looking back I have no idea how my parents did it. They are amazing..really amazing and as I get older I appreciate them and family more than ever.

My ever so cool and smart sister Armi in Castaic a few months ago. Leica M6, TMAX 100, D-76 1+1.

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  1. Reflecting on our lives is a candor of our true self.


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