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Angel II

Black Faced Angel

6 comments to “Angel II”

  1. Is anyone having slow pages coming up on Alapan? I’m trying to figure it out but can’t localize the problem. hmmm… Obviously I’m only talking to myself.

    Anyone, anyone???? Bueller????

  2. I love this !!!! I really like the script header as well. It gives it a fresher look.

  3. Oh, one more thing, I don’t have any trouble loading the site. But I still can’t figure out if there is a [previous] selection, where is the [next] selection?

  4. Ok, now I’m having trouble. It’s taking a while to zip from picture to picture. PLUS at some point or another the pics don’t display in the setting I’m sure you selected, they load as thumbnails. I’ve tried clicking on them, too. Though, I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there, I am sure.

  5. I’m not getting that message.

  6. Pink – it’s not a message it’s that the site is slow and then when you navigate to another page, it hangs and the photograph never loads and looks like a thumbnail. It seems to happen in IE more often than Firefox.’s my damn host.


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