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My ever so cool brother Alex was in town last week. We had a blast and I’m still recovering from too much eating & drinking. Photographed with my Olympus XA. I wish he was looking at me as I didn’t wait long enough. My bad.

5 comments to “Alex”

  1. very cool portrait john. He reminds me of Bono.

  2. Oh stop it Pinky…his head is gonna grow to massive proportions. 🙂

  3. My sister disagreed, though she thought he was very cute. She said he looked like you. Your brother might not appreciate THAT one (knowing how brothers are). Hope she didn’t expand your noggin’ (hehe).

  4. Bono ? yeah more like Chongo !

    alex agoncillo
  5. No chance of his head blowing up. It’s already wacked out as it is. Just kidding bro!


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